The Introduction: Culture & Craftsmanship

The Introduction: Culture & Craftsmanship

Widespread influence from Africa, the West to be more specific, has excelled over the years. Our traditions have sparked ‘trends’, from the age of ignorance to curiosity to celebration through global events, like the ‘Year of Return’. This has been exemplified through various forms of media: film/television, music, essays/literature, blogs even. It has encompassed the African and African-American communities, connecting those of us who acquired ‘foreign’ names to the ones back home. Our home countries have gained attention from their children, including kin curious as to where they ‘come from’. Despite the chaos and corruption, we see the purest forms of beauty — in the people, the culture, and that feeling shared amongst us all of being at home.


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On Culture — The word ‘collective’ links me to unity, family, kin. Each country, region, the city shares a commonality.. dialect, customs, and understanding. Carrying on a culture involves a certain appreciation for yourself and your people; the warmth of belonging in the real. It is a birthright. A non-physical asset that can not be taken away.


On Craftsmanship — Art has taken on many forms, for example, the tools made for the purpose of daily living. The popularization of crafts markets in the West has been hard to ignore and has become at the base of an aesthetic. This is not necessarily a bad thing, because in a way the crafts are being admired, but with the increase in popularity came the inspiration to create my own ‘art’. An art form, like pottery, is a part of our culture. The art was (and is still) used to produce cookware, storage, decoration, and perform rituals. We are the people that can invent with our hands alone because the craftsmanship is naturally embedded in our culture.


The Introduction: Culture & Craftsmanship is a very brief look at the culture and traditions that relate one to another. This journal will explore Tattoos & Scarification, Music & Movement, Design, Essays, and Pottery.

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