“Dead White Man’s Clothes” and She Who Carries The Burden

“Dead White Man’s Clothes” and She Who Carries The Burden

Dead White Man’s Clothes, a short film and research project coordinated by The OR Foundation, a USA-based non-profit co-founded by Liz Ricketts and Branson Skinner, who stated blatantly in their introduction that they are “White Americans” whose “work is specific to Ghana.”



The OR Foundation’s project, Dead White Man’s Clothes is back with She Who Carries The Burden, a series in collaboration with Atmos that showcases the realities of secondhand markets like Kantamanto Market, and Kayayei girls and women struggling within the imported secondhand fashion industry in Ghana.

The OR Foundation of Kayayei Covid Relief Efforts has made a film to educate the world on the inescapable pain and dangers these women face every day. Kayayei cannot isolate or practice social distancing. They cannot stock up on supplies. Soap and toilet paper are already luxuries. Kayayei lives hand to mouth, eating what they can pay for that day.



office along with SAGAN Vienna and Daniel Gebhart de KoekKoek created custom office hand sanitizer bags retailing at €90,00 ($97) that with each purchase, 100% of profits from sales are donated to The OR Foundation. The foundation in turn provides one month of food and hygiene for Kayayei girls and women.

Location: Ghana
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