Telling Intentional Stories with Rachel Seidu

© Rachel Seidu
“I create according to my state of mind.. my emotions inspire my stories. I’ve been told by some people that they feel emotions in my works, I felt really good about that. I’m also inspired by several other photographers, there’s so many amazing photographers out there, I only need to check their pages and be inspired afresh.”
Rachel Seidu is a student at the University of Benin in the department of Fine and Applied Arts. With her spare, if not most of her time, she spends taking photographs with her colleagues and locals as subjects. 
“I’m a Ghanaian / Nigerian haha. My dad is from Ghana while my mum is from Edo state. I was born and brought up in Lagos Nigeria.”
When and how did you start taking photos?
“We had a concert in my church once, I volunteer to join the media team, they taught us how to click a shutter and put a camera on and that was it, I started calling myself a professional photographer although before then I used to take pictures of my aunt and siblings with Nokia “asha”, and still edit them. One time in JSS1 I made cameras with cardboard, I made the lens with white cello tape. Not to bore you with too much stories, I always knew I’d be a photographer. It’s been 2 years since I started it professionally, I use my phone though as I don’t have a camera yet.”
What do you want to convey with your photographs?
“I want you to see my image and be able to interpret it, I don’t enjoy putting stories to my images, I want the viewer to see it and feel whatever. I want my photographs to speak for themselves. Basically I want to tell stories with my photographs.”

This is a part of Seven Foto Questions, a series of interviews with photographers answering the same questions about how they each came into their craft.

“I lost my dad last year November, and 2 weeks after that, I had a shoot titled Reflections of a King. That shoot was dedicated to my dad.”
“I don’t know if it’ll make sense, I haven’t shared with anyone. It sounds stupid in my ears, but I’ll tell you. It’s inspired by my dad’s death, that’s why my model was wearing white. To symbolize peace, the crown symbolizes 2things, one I want to imagine my dad as being at peace wherever he is, him being as happy as a king. And 2 me picking up myself, wearing a crown and kicking life’s ass. Not letting his death weigh me down.”
“In summary, I did this shoot for my dad. That’s it.”
© Rachel Seidu

© Rachel Seidu

What do you consider a “good” photo?
“Lightsss, Shadowsss. When these two are present, I’m sold. Yes I’m very cheap by the way. I don’t think there’s anything like a good photo, as long as there’s good use of light, it’s a good photo.”
Can you use one theme to describe your work?
If there is one thing you want your audience to know about you, what would it be?
“That I’m not my photographs, I’m loud and full of life.”
© Rachel Seidu
© Rachel Seidu
© Rachel Seidu
© Rachel Seidu
© Rachel Seidu

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